PeepingMoon Exclusive: Other Bigg Boss 16 contestants are wearing a mask, but he's without any guard- Shalin Bhanot's parents call him the 'most real person'


Clearing several obstacles, Shalin Bhanot has made it to the top 5 in Bigg Boss 16. He competes with Priyanka Chahar Choudhary, Shiv Thakare, Archana Gautam and MC Stan for the trophy. The winner of the reality show will be declared at the grand finale scheduled to take place tonight. 

Ahead of Bigg Boss 16's grand finale, spoke to Shalin's parents, Brij Mohan Bhanot, and Sunita Bhanot about his journey. Talking to us, Mr. & Mrs. Bhanot showered love on their son and expressed joy as he made it to the finale. They further opened up about the actor being called fake on the show, contestants getting aggressive during fights and taking personal digs at each other. 

Excerpts from the interview: 

Shalin Bhanot has come a long way in Bigg Boss 16. How does it feel?

Sunita Bhanot: It is beautiful. He has reached the finale and it is exciting.

Brij Mohan Bhanot: We’re proud of him and he deserves to be there. He deserves to win the trophy.

Were you convinced by his decision when Shalin decided to do Bigg Boss 16

Brij Mohan Bhanot: We stood by his decision. He thought of doing it and we were okay with his decision.

Sunita Bhanot: It was his wish to do Bigg Boss 16 and we supported him wholeheartedly. I feel it was the right choice. Shalin is getting so much love, admiration, and fame due to the show.

Do you see any change in Shalin after he entered the house?

Brij Mohan Bhanot: See, changes are natural. Bigg Boss is a maturing experience. When you live with no outside contact only with those who are your competitors, you tend to grow mature.

Sunita Bhanot: Every contestant who is present inside the house is learning something new every day. They have Salman Khan as their mentor who guides them every weekend. They are getting to learn different things because of the kind of environment they're living in. You meet different types of people in life, you have to walk with them and endure many hurdles. Yes, the conditions are tough but Shalin will come out stronger. 

Did it bother you when contestants had aggressive fights with Shalin? 

Sunita Bhanot: Aggression is a strong term and I don’t believe that’s the right word to use. There is a difference in opinion, people are annoyed and that’s natural. Kuch reactions ko dekhke lagta tha ki voh unnecessary tha. Despite this, Shalin kept his calm and displayed all the qualities that a winner should possess. 

Brij Mohan Bhanot: Harr ek contestant ne kabhi na kabhi toh aggression dikhaya hai. We just get to watch an hour of the show but what's happening in the remaining 23 hours is unknown. Hume nahi pata kis circumstance mein kisne kya react kiya. It is human nature to react.

Shalin was accused of being fake..

Brij Mohan Bhanot: Fake toh voh bilkul nahi hai. Shalin is a straight and committed person. When his competitors want to pull him down, they use incorrect words for him. Even Bigg Boss recently said he is the most misinterpreted person.

Sunita Bhanot: Joh log Bigg Boss 16 mein aaye hai, voh ek mask pehenke aaye hai aur Shalin uske bina aaya hai. He went inside the house without any guard or mask. Jaise voh ghar mein hota hai, vaise hi Bigg Boss 16 mein hai. He is real. Recently, when I met a few fans, they told me unko uska journey video dekhke rona aaya. That's the impact he has had on the audience. 

Do you feel personal digs and dragging past relationships could have been avoided? 

Sunita Bhanot: Agar main yeh bolu ki mujhe bura nahi lagta tha toh voh galat hai. More than feeling bad for him, I was proud that he managed to come out of it. He never reacted negatively and took every attack sportingly.