PeepingMoon Exclusive: ‘Unfair to tell people that they have to be a certain size and look like clones of each other,’ says ExtraordiNari celebrity stylist Tanya Ghavri on trolls targeting actresses for their weight


Celebrity stylist Tanya Ghavri is a well-known name in the world of Indian fashion. She styles several A-list actors of Bollywood and almost always her fashion game for her clients is on point. For's Women's Day Special Ep 3, 'ExtraordiNari' fashion stylist Tanya Ghavri gives an in-depth analysis of the sexist, casual remarks in the fraternity towards female stylists & actresses being slut shamed for their size and styling.

In the exclusive interview, when Tanya was asked about how the beauty and the weight standards has always been a parameter, and actresses and their stylists often get trolled for it, she said, “I have seen a lot of the actors that I’ve worked with go through many many sizes. The most important thing for a stylist is to style them for their body and the event and to make sure that they look the best version of themselves at that point in their lives. The only reason why I support fitness is because it is good for your health so you know it is good to work out, it is good to feel good, but then at whatever size you are as far as you’re keeping yourself in check, keeping yourself healthy, you’re doing whatever you can for your fitness, it’s all good.”

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She further added, “You can be whatever size and if you hire a stylist she has to make you the best version of yourself at that point of time so I think it is very unfair to tell people that they have to be a certain size and a certain image and everyone has to look like clones of each other because you have to be individualistic and enjoy that, have your own style, your own aesthetic, I think that is more important.”

When asked how even Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was trolled for her post-delivery weight and Vidya Balan is always under scrutiny, she said, “It is very tough for actors to go through that kind of backlash but all I can say is to know where to shut all this off and not take everything seriously that comes your way because there are lots of people behind closed doors and behind phones and screens and these faceless people should not matter because there are several people around you who loves you and support you and those are the people who matter.”