PeepingMoon Exclusive: Women who survived sexual harassment or molestation are ExtraordiNari- Uorfi Javed


Closing the curtains on the Women's Day Special, sat down for a heartwrenching, inspiring and courageous conversation with social media influencer, the 'ExtraordiNari' - Uorfi/Urfi Javed. During the conversation, she revealed the definition of ExtraordiNari.

According to Uorfi, women who survived sexual harassment or molestation can be rightfully called ExtraordiNari. "It isn't easy being a woman. At some point, most women do face sexual harassment or molestation. All of them who went through that are ExtraordiNari," she told. 

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In the interview, Uorfi also spoke about childhood abuse, its aftermath, her suicidal tendencies, being labelled by society, religious bigots, trolls, threats and more. 

(Source: Instagram)