PeepingMoon Exclusive: Shraddha Kapoor has a girl-next-door style, Alia Bhatt prefers keeping it chic & Janhvi Kapoor likes to dress up hot- Stylist Lakshmi Lehr


What’s common between divas Shraddha Kapoor, Janhvi Kapoor and Alia Bhatt- their birthday month! Yep, all these divas have their birthdays fall on March 3, 6 and 15 respectively. Well, it’s not just their birth month, one more thing common between these fashion-forward actresses is their stylist Lakshmi Lehr! Being one of the sought personas from the fashion circuit, this style maven has brought out the best of Shraddha, Janhvi and Alia, one look at a time. got in touch with the stylist extraordinaire to decode the mood board, aesthetics and the working behind the looks of each actress and what all it takes to make them look the best version of their selves.


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Excerpts from the interview.

Q. How would you describe Janhvi Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s style aesthetics?


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All three of them have distinct style aesthetics. Shraddha’s style is just like her girl-next-door persona. She loves to play with colors, has a natural glam to her style.


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Alia loves to dress as per her mood. Her style is always radiant whether it’s when we play with prints or sequins. She’s always keeping it chic.


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Janhvi is young, eccentric and likes to dress up hot and always high on glam quotient.

Q. What styling mantra do you use for all three of them? Does it differ for each of the mentioned actresses?

I always believe in adding on to my client’s style. We jam on the look together basis the style vibe, their requirements, the setting, and then my team and I curate a look-book for the actresses. There’s no standard mantra for styling.

Q. Have you styled any two or all three of them for one event?

For one event, nope.

Q. You’ve styled Alia Bhatt pre, during and post-pregnancy. How did her style shift from each phase? Which phase did you enjoy styling her more?

My first and one of the most favourite styling gigs with Alia was during Dear Zindagi. Her character Kaira’s style to some extent resembled with my personal style. Comfort and chic clothing accessorized with minimal hand-stacks, neckpieces.


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During pregnancy, she was at ease, that’s also when Ed-a-mama maternity wear came in existence. Having said that, I don’t think pregnancy has caused a shift to her styling now. She’s still as radiant as she used to be.

Q. What was the thought process behind Alia Bhatt’s after-wedding party dress?


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We wanted to ditch the gowns for the reception as it was an intimate celebration. The Oscar De La Renta sequin dress was a perfect match. The dress didn’t require to be heavy on accessories.

6. Are you following any mood boards/ themes for Shraddha Kapoor’s TJMM promotional looks?

Not really. We’ve played with monochrome looks, whether it was the black cut-out dress or the pink ensemble. Each look complements Shraddha’s persona.

Q. Which of these actresses pulls off the following trends better?

Colour-block - I think Shraddha

Nude dresses - Alia

Bodycons - Janhvi

All bling - Alia

Prints on prints - Alia

All denim look - Janhvi

Q. Tell us what went behind curating these looks for these birthday stars:


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This has been one of my favorite looks with Alia. It was for Apoorva Mehta’s birthday bash. We didn’t want to go with the obvious choice of sequin or shimmer. So we opted for this oversized jacket and strapless dress by Magda Butrym and paired it with Red heels and ring stacks.


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Janhvi has the perfect silhouette that could accentuate the Versace Dress. She looked stunning in it, plus the colour was a vibe check for Janhvi’s style.


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This was the first promotional event for TJMM, we wanted to opt for a natural glam dress, and this black cut out dress with bell sleeves by Self Portrait was a perfect match.

Q. Who has the most simplistic style from all three of them?


Q. Shraddha, Alia or Janhvi which of these actresses are more open to experimentation?

They all are. Although it really depends on the event or the moment. During promotions when you’re on the go, there’s less time for experimenting and thus you’d opt for comfort, doesn’t mean they are not open to it.

Q. What is a closet staple that you will find in Alia, Shraddha and Janhvi’s wardrobes respectively?

A pair of blue ripped jeans is a closet staple for all of them.

Q. Lastly, a birthday wish for all three of them.

Happiest Birthday to these stunning girls! It’s always a treat working with them. Love them all.