PeepingMoon Exclusive: Arzoie recognises me on TV, calls out 'Papa' hoping I will come out of the screen- Aparshakti Khurana


You can hate Madan Kumar/Binod Das, but you cannot ignore Aparshakti Khurana's talent that he displayed in Vikramaditya Motwane's breakthrough show, Jubilee. He played the central role of an actor who carries the baggage of a dark secret as he navigates through the film industry in the pre and post-Independence era. With the success of Jubilee, Aparshakti has kicked the ball out of the park. 

In an exclusive interview with PeepingMoon, Aparshakti looked back at working in the series. He spoke to us about trying to be versatile with his work and aiming to never be stereotyped. The actor further opened up about his daughter Arzoie Khurana's reaction to watching him on TV. 

Excerpts from the interview:

Binod Das/Madan Kumar is an anti-hero. Were you sceptical to sign a character that was completely different from your own personality?

I wasn’t reluctant to sign Jubilee as an actor gets such scripts rarely. It happened at the right time when I wanted to try something new and different. I respect and love the characters I did in the past and never felt bad doing them. 

Did you empathise with Binod Das? 

I have been through a similar situation in the past so I could relate more. The characters and situations are different in Jubilee and the stakes are higher too. Once, I worked as a costume stylist at a music channel. While doing that, I auditioned for the job of a host and even worked as an anchor. It happened in a similar way. It was not easy for Binod. There are so many people who aspire to be actors but are doing some other job. 

Which was the most difficult scene to perform? 

The most difficult was the last scene of the first episode. I don’t remember the last time a scene like that was written. That happens to be my audition scene for Jubilee also.

Do you believe filmmakers are yet to utilise 100% of your talent?

Maybe because they’ve never seen the other side of me. People are offering me work after seeing me perform so wouldn’t say they're not exploring my talent fully. Vikramaditya Motwane showed the other side of me to the world and I feel happy.

Did Arzoie watch the show?

Arzoie is too small to watch it. However, she recognises me on TV and jumps saying, 'Papa'. She gets shocked seeing me on screen. I think she calls out 'Papa, Papa, Papa' 2-3 times hoping I will come out of the screen (smiles).

Do you fear getting stereotyped once again with similar projects?

I believe we all stereotype each other at some point. Jab mummy pizza banane ki try karti hai, tab hum usko mana kar dete hai aur bolte hai daal hi bana do. Hume lagta hai unka pizza restaurants jaisa nahi banega. Let her at least try. I pray nobody stereotypes me now. Better scripts are definitely coming my way. 

What can fans expect from Stree 2?

It's going to be better. 

Is Jubilee getting a second season?

It is too early to say anything because Jubilee itself took a long time to be made. Vikramaditya sir can only answer this now!