PeepingMoon Exclusive: Juhi Parmar calls daughter Samairra her 'biggest critic & supporter', says 'What I see in her eyes for me makes me feel it was all worth it'


Juhi Parmar made her much-awaited OTT debut with Amazon miniTV's series, Yeh Meri Family season 2. In an exclusive interview with PeepingMoon, the renowned star opened up about signing the show.

Talking to us, Juhi revealed Yeh Meri Family season 2 reminded her of her parents and it allowed her to take a walk down memory lane. The actress further shared that her daughter Samairra Shroff is her biggest critic and strongest pillar of support.

Excerpts from the interview:


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Were you offered any other OTT project before Yeh Meri Family 2?

I was offered many shows before Yeh Meri Family 2 but it is important for me to do something I believe in and relate to. Sometimes, the content made for OTT is too bold and I am not keen on doing that. I wish to make shows that can be watched by the entire family. It takes longer for me to say yes to a project because quality matters over quantity. 

What prompted you to say yes to Yeh Meri Family 2?

Yeh Meri Family 2 is a show that will give you the scope to bond with your family. It has nothing to disconnect you from them. There's also so much happening in our lives that we wish to watch something light, cosy and warm at the end of the day. The show has all the elements to make you feel good. 

Did you relate to your reel and real family while doing Yeh Meri Family 2?

I was reminded of my own family. I saw myself in the shoes of Ritika. Just like Neerja and Sanjay, it was like a 'good cop-bad cop' at home. My mom was more of a 'bad cop' and I felt I was playing her in the show. 

What's your daughter's reaction when she watches you on-screen?

My daughter Samairra is the most excited one when I do something. She’s my biggest critic and loves it the most too. She loves watching her mother on screen and feels so proud. What I see in her eyes for me makes me feel it was all worth it.

Did your choices as an actor undergo changes after becoming a mother?

No, the process and choices didn't change. I’m a disciplined person and want to make sure whatever work I do will do good to people. It has nothing to do with motherhood. After becoming a mother, I make sure to take a deliberate break between two projects. If you are doing a TV show, you don’t know how long it will go on. Fortunately, I’ve been a part of successful shows which would keep me busy for years. I don’t say yes to something immediately because I want to balance my life and spend time with my daughter. OTT gives me this freedom. 

Do you wish to do more work on OTT?

Yes, I would love to do more OTT projects. I have been working in daily soaps for several years now and I will continue doing so. I'm who I am because of TV and I am grateful for that but looking at the kind of balance I wish to achieve, OTT is my focus point for now. I am willing to try different roles and get into the skin of complex characters. I wish to entertain my audience with diverse projects. If I am offered a good show on TV, I would definitely do it but for now, my focus is OTT.