PeepingMoon Exclusive: 'Channelised parental instincts while playing Nikhil Nair in Asur 2,' says Barun Sobti


Barun Sobti is back as Nikhil Nair in the second season of Asur. The series premiered on Jio Cinema today and is available for free viewing. In an exclusive chat with PeepingMoon, Barun spoke about getting rid of the tag of a conventional hero. He told, "I want to get rid of the conventional hero tag. I was excited to create a character like Nikhil. We aren't heroes always. Even our soldiers, they are villains for other countries."

When asked whether he channelised his paternal feeling while playing Nikhil, the actor said, "It wasn't particularly in my mind but when a baby is born to a couple, it changes the father too. So, yes maybe I channelised that parental instinct while playing Nikhil."

Would he ever take Nikhil's character back home? "Never, I can never take Nikhil back home. Instead, I would slap him for killing his own daughter," he told.

Talking about the possibility of getting a spin-off show on Nikhil, Barun shared, "Yes, that might be a possibility. There were certain discussions on this at one point in time. So, maybe yes."

He signed off saying there's no discussion yet regarding the third season of Asur.