Exclusive | Did you know Karan Singh Grover got stabbed in the arm with a pen? Actor reveals a crazy fan moment!


Karan Singh Grover is winning hearts with his performance as Sartaj Gill in Siddharth Anand-directed Fighter which released on January 25. The actor displayed his acting charisma on the silver screen and made a special place in the minds of the audience. It goes without saying that Karan enjoys a strong fan base. While he respects his fans and continues to express his gratitude for the love that comes his way, the actor shared some interesting yet crazy moments that took place in the past.

In an exclusive interview with PeepingMoon, Karan recalled the time when one of his female fans accidentally stabbed a pen in his arm. He shared, "I got stabbed with a pen by a girl in Kolkata. She did not do it purposely. It was a big crowd and she was trying to get to me. That girl had in her hand because she wanted an autograph. That kind of went into my arm. After that accident, she cried so much. I didn't get upset because I knew, I understood that her intention was not to stab me. If that was the case, she would have gotten a knife or something."

He further shared yet another incident when fans unintentionally ripped his T-shirt. Karan said, I went to one college in Kolkata and a bunch of people tore my shirt, man. I didn't mind but one kid got a hold of my T-shirt. It was a Superman T-shirt. Then one kid got a hold here. They were trying to pull me. I was like, "Hey, I am coming, I am coming." I am going here and this guy pulled me [from behind] and my T-shirt was torn."