Exclusive | Karan Singh Grover on daughter Devi's first words: She's smart, said Papa-Mumma on the same day


Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover were blessed with a baby girl in November 2022. They named her Devi Basu Singh Grover. Since her birth, the lives of the actors changed for good. Their day begins with her bright smile and ends on a joyful note. While Devi has inherited the best from her parents, curious fans want to know whether her first word was 'Mumma' or 'Papa'.

In an exclusive interview with PeepingMoon, Karan revealed Devi said Papa and Mumma on the same day. He shared, "Devi is very smart. She said Papa and Mumma on the same day. Yeah, she did say Papa first and right after that she said Mumma. I was like, smart kid man, same day. Devi is smarter than both of us. She says it every day also now when she's going to sleep."

He added, "We get to know when she's going to fall asleep. Devi starts saying, 'mama papa, papa mama, mama papa, mama papa' gradually and then sleeps. So we know that she's going to sleep. First, when she used to say 'Papa', I used to get back and be like, "Haan haan bolo na". I would get up every two seconds for her. Later, we realised that she wasn't calling me and 'Papa-Papa' was her song."

Workwise, Karan is winning rave reviews for his performance in Siddharth Anand's aerial action drama, Fighter. He played the role of Squadron Leader Sartaj Gill.