PeepingMoon Exclusive: I would love to be called the most eligible bachelor of Bigg Boss 14 - Rahul Vaidya


Salman Khan hosted Bigg Boss 14 is finally on air! The show that had a grand premiere night filled with surprises for the audience. One of the contestants to enter the house is Rahul Vaidya. Rahul became a name in the singing industry after he participated in Indian Idol 1 in 2004. Without restricting himself to just singing, Rahul turned anchor for the show Jhoom India.  

After years in the industry, Rahul got recognition for the unplugged version of Beintehaan from Race 2. Interestingly, the singer was offered Bigg Boss since the very first season and now, after 14 years, he finally signed it.

Talking to PeepingMoon in an exclusive interview, Rahul spilled the beans. Read on!

Why did you sign Bigg Boss 14? Have you planned any strategy? 

Bigg Boss was being offered to me since season 1. I decided to do it now because the COVID pandemic led to the cancellation of all my live shows and I don’t see any of them happening now. No strategy works in the Bigg Boss house. The best strategy is to be yourself.

Bigg Boss 14 is known for controversies. Are you ready to face personal attacks?

Yes, I am ready for it but I won’t be the first one to start it. I don’t believe in starting controversies for no reason. I’m a non-controversial person by nature but if someone pokes me, corners me, I’m sure they will have it back.

Will your family be comfortable with attacks on you?

My family will never be comfortable because people who love you will not like you being targeted. But this is a TV show where a lot of people will be involved in a conversation. They are somehow okay now.

Are you hoping to find your ladylove inside the house?

If it happens organically then definitely. I’ll not do anything for the camera.

You’ve hosted reality shows in the past and now you are a participant yourself. Are you incorporating the lessons learnt with experience?

Bigg Boss is a completely different show. I’ve come in with a fresh perspective without any preconceived notion and want to have a great time myself.

Are you the most eligible bachelor of this season?

I would love to be called the most eligible bachelor of the season.

Despite being in Bollywood for years, you are yet to get big-ticket offers. Can Bigg Boss be classified as your strongest innings?

Yes, it could be as it is the most watched show. I feel it can be the most amazing game changer.