PeepingMoon Exclusive: ‘I admire and respect Sidharth Shukla, will incorporate his tips to my full capacity in Bigg Boss 14,' says Jaan Kumar Sanu


In the history of Bigg Boss, one of India’s most controversial shows, it was the first time that the makers unveiled the name of a contestant at the press conference of the season 14. The first one to be introduced was Jaan Kumar Sanu, the son of renowned singer Kumar Sanu. Jaan aka Jayesh Bhattacharya is also a budding singer who came across as a sweet person for a twisted show like Bigg Boss 14.

Before Jaan joined the other contestants inside the house on the grand premiere night, he spoke to PeepingMoon in an exclusive interview. From spilling the beans on the reason behind signing Bigg Boss 14 over a singing reality show to following his favourite contestant and former winner Sidharth Shukla’s advice, Jaan gave us a sneak-peek of what can be expected from him inside the craziest house.

Excerpts from the interview:

Have you made any strategy for Bigg Boss 14?

I haven’t made any strategy for Bigg Boss 14 as there is no fixed plan that will help you in the game. You have to be smart, adaptable and be in the moment.

You came across as a sweet person at the press conference. Will you be able to change the pre-conceived notion about yourself?

I’m sweet to those who are good to me. If I’m provoked, I know how to reply. People saw my sweet side but the show isn’t known for that. I know how to stand my ground and I am ready for it.

Your father is a renowned singer. Why did you sign Bigg Boss 14 and not a singing reality show?

There are a lot of stigmas associated with me when I go to singing reality shows. Being the son of someone so legendary, it always turns out to be an issue of favouritism and the real talent isn’t recognised. I chose Bigg Boss 14 as a platform because it is the biggest show and the fan following it has is unparalleled. It will help me reach out to a lot of people. I’m starting my career now and I couldn’t have asked for a bigger beginning.

Bigg Boss 13 winner Sidharth Shukla gave you some tips during the press conference. Are you going to incorporate them?

Absolutely. I’ve been watching Bigg Boss from the first season. Out of all, I’ve loved and admired Sidharth. I was lucky, excited and overwhelmed to meet him and have him guide me. I’m going to incorporate his tips.

What was your father Kumar Sanu’s reaction?

He was actually shocked in the beginning. He asked me whether I’ll be comfortable in the setting. As we started discussing further, he said if I am confident about it then go ahead. He gave me a few tips on how to keep my calm.

Are you hoping to find someone inside the house?

Not at all. When it comes to love, I’m slightly old-school. I don’t think 3 months inside one of the craziest atmospheres in the world, will be the right place to find love.

Will Bigg Boss 14 be a game-changer for you?

It will be a big step in my career. Due to its fan following, it will help me reach out to a lot of people.

What do you have to say about memes on your name?

I find them funny and I’m taking it sportingly. This is just the beginning. As the show picks up pace, I’m expecting more things to come up.