PeepingMoon Exclusive: Filmmakers call us with hope & scope, sometimes we don't fit into a particular role & I don't blame them - Jasmin Bhasin on cracking a film despite being a 'TV actor'


The debate of nepotism in the film industry is a never-ending topic. Actors, who desire to make a successful transition from TV to films, have claimed and blamed nepotism as the reason for not getting meaty roles in big films. But Jasmin Bhasin is of the opinion that no such excuse should stop you from trying your luck and giving your best. In the latest segment of's series, Let's Talk, Jasmin reacted to the debate that actors are categorised on the basis of where they come from and nepotism. 

Talking about the same, Jasmin said, "I have heard this many times that TV actors overexpose themselves. I’ve been told in auditions, "TV jaisi acting kyun kar rahi ho?" It feels really bad." She further added that actors can't make an excuse and blame producers for not getting roles in big films. One has to keep trying and stop bothering about external problems that exist for the longest time.

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"These are all excuses when you can’t make it, but they can't stop you. Such excuses didn’t stop me, I still go for film auditions if I am called for and don’t bother about all these things. I ignore those who try to put me in a bracket. I am an actress and I will try to do my best with whatever I have in my hand. I’m sure someday I’ll be able to break that bracket," Jasmin told. 

Jasmin further shared that filmmakers call actors for auditions with hope, only when they see some scope in them. She stated that it is not possible that an actor fits in every role offered. "Honestly, let me tell you from where they are coming. They are not sitting there to dismiss us on the basis of where we are coming from. They also see us with some hope and scope that’s why they call us for auditions. Otherwise, they don’t want to waste their time categorising us. Maybe sometimes, our performance and the character requirement don't match. If we don’t fit into it, people start assuming the reasons in the mind. I don’t blame anyone. I am thankful they (filmmakers) call me for auditions. Maybe I’m not getting the part but I’m learning something," she said.

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