Selena Gomez to Sarah Jessica: Are our Celebs running around in Mismatched Shoes?


Make way for a not-so-new-shoe-trend in town, which every shoe lover is going to absolutely love. If you like us, have been victims to wearing the wrong pair of shoes and rushing off to work, it’s finally time to shut the naysayers and let them know you’re high ‘FASHUN’.

It’s not like this mismatched trend has not been spotted before, but with Selena Gomez and Nicole Kidman giving us fans a throwback to this shoe trend at the InStyle and Emmy Awards, respectively, we can safely say that this weird trend is here to slay!

A trend which is quite popular with our fashion-forward bloggers is now being seen on our favorite A-listers, too. Be it wearing two different colors of the same shoe to keeping it subtle and switching up just the design, this street-style ‘tendance’ is perfect for us indecisive shopaholics. You can now finally enjoy the best of both the worlds.

If Sarah Jessica Parker, the Queen B of all-things-fashion can strut her stuff at the 2016 Met Gala, in mismatched embellished pumps, then so can you!

Shoe dilemma?

Not anymore! Cause the fashion folks have given you their nod to go ahead and mismatch you favorite stilettos!

If you thought that this shoe-wave is only popular in Hollywood, think again!
The man de jour – Ranveer Singh was seen acing this trend, way ahead of time!

Woot! Woot!

We at Peeping Moon are more than excited to give this trend a try!

Are you?