Kylie Jenner Hides Baby Bump In Calvin Klein's New Campaign


One of the most talked about families, Kardashian-Jenner clan, star together in the latest Clavin Klein underwear campaign. It’s not unusual to spot the sisters on the big screen together, but this is the first time that the sisters have worked together on anything besides their in-house products.

We’ve seen Kim, Khloe, Kendall, and Kourtney (minus Kylie) pose together in tons of family pictures, ever since Ky’s pregnancy rumors started making front page news. The boss lady of the huge beauty empire, who’s been extremely low profile, has barely made any public appearance, off late. So, when we spot Kylie on this campaign, we are more than surprised.


Speaking about the shoot to Vogue, Kim said: “Family is everything so when we’re all together doing something special like this, it means so much. We were all in a group text before saying how lucky we are to do this together and that it’s going to be the best day.”

The stunning campaign has been shot by Wille Vanderperre, where the 20-year-old A-lister can be seen wrapped in a blanket, sitting behind Khloe, tactfully hiding the bump. The campaign features all the five sisters strewn across a blanket. Though the campaign is all about the underwear, everyone’s eyes are glued to Kylie! While the entire world is divided in their opinion about is-she-or-is-she-not-pregnant, this little appearance pretty much convinces us that she is!

The youngest Jenner who normally steps out in clothes which leaves very little to the imagination is all covered, head-to-toe, compared to the other beautiful sisters, in this campaign. To add to that, she’s even missing from few of the shots. Plus, the strategically placed blankets!

Yes, it’s all about dissecting whatever clues you can get! What do you guys think? Is she really preggers, or is this another publicity stunt?