Same, same but different? Kylie Jenner tries to pull a Beyonce, but the internet won't have it!


Kylie Jenner has often sought inspiration from Queen B, Beyonce's style-files, just like we all have! From her quirky poses to her ethereal outfits, we have all secretly archived most of her posts for future references. 

But this time looks a little different! Kylie has been accused of trying to look like Beyonce and oh boy, Twitter has turned it into a roast-fest; take a look!



the other night

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Kylie wore the same printed bodysuit as Bey, with similar retro glasses, a sleek belt, an over-sized coat and pumps. Now, think about it, so many details for it to be a coincidence, wouldn't you agree? 



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She went ahead and copied another one of her animal-printed dresses and now we're convinced this is a calculated sartorial move. She even got the same goldy-lock and struck the same pose; can you beat this? 

Twitter has been on a roll since the young Jenner posted this photo; check it out:













Well, 'brutal' would be putting it mildly; what are your thoughts? 


(SOURCE: Instagram)