Work-‘out’ from home! Jacqueline Fernandez to Sidharth Malhotra; Bollywood brigade's gym hacks during COVID-19 social distancing


The citizens of the world are currently battling the pandemic of COVID 19, also known as the Coronavirus. With India being the latest to join the infected country list, the government officials have started taking precautionary measures to minimize the impact of the same. Owing to public safety, many educational institutions, workplaces, theatres, and gyms have been shut down till March 31, 2020. Recently, BMC issued a legal notice to Shahid Kapoor and the owner of the gym who allegedly opened the facility for the actor and his wife, Mira Kapoor in spite of being shut down.

But, as they say, the show must go on! In the wake of recent events, many B-town celebs have taken their gym home and shared their workout routines on social media. Recently, speaking to a leading daily, many tinsel town actors have shared their workout tips in times of social distancing.



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Not a big fan of interval training, Jacqueline Fernandez opts for simple yoga exercises while at home. “I’m not a huge fan of interval training, I’d rather do relaxing things like yoga and stretching, which can be done anywhere. Now, when I’m home, I do 120 suryanamaskars for 30 minutes. It gets me sweating, refreshes and energizes the body for the day ahead.", she said.



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Pink actress, Taapsee Pannu plans her fitness regime on the training application on her phone. “I have a functional training application on my phone and use it to design my workout regime for the day. There are countless such applications available that people can use on their phone if they wish to train. I take my mat, go to an open space where there aren’t people around and train for an hour.”



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Suniel Shetty feels that there is tremendous scope to keep fit at home due to healthy meals and basic exercises can be done anywhere. “There’s tremendous scope to keep fit at home, more so because you can have hot, hygienic and healthy meals at regular intervals, which helps build immunity. When it comes to workouts, a combination of skipping, dips, crunches, basic exercises with dumbells or therabands, yoga and pranayams can be done anywhere. My kids, Ahan (Shetty) and Athiya (Shetty), have been training together at home, helping each other with squats and lunges. We needed to slow down and focus on things that are really important. I hope the next few days bring families closer.”, said Suniel.



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Sidharth Malhotra feels that simple bodyweight exercises can be easily done from home.I have always looked at fitness from a holistic point of view. It’s not only about an aesthetic-looking body but a healthy one, particularly now when it’s time to take care of your health first. Simple bodyweight workouts which can be done indoors help. Exercises like Indian pushups, side lunges, squats or simple yoga, along with a clean and healthy diet, will keep the immunity up. This is a great time to work out with the family and make it a bonding exercise.”, the actor said.



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Dabangg girl Sonakshi Sinha has always preferred working out at home over going to the gym. “I have always preferred working out at home over going to the gym. I have a treadmill and a stair master, so my cardio is sorted. Other than that, I love pulling out bodyweight circuit workouts from the internet and doing them on my own. They are quite challenging, fun and keep my fitness goals on track.”



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Mc Sher Siddhant Chaturvedi feels his workout has not hampered due to social distancing. “I personally prefer jogging, as my go-to exercise. Apart from that, I do a lot of functional training. My workout routine is 30-40 mins, and includes basic strength training, combined with a bit of flexibility training, which works like magic. Since I am into MMA and free weight training, my fitness routine isn’t hampered by self-distancing. I just do my workouts at home and stick to bodyweight basics like push-ups, squats, handstands and power yoga. Also, diet is very important...keep it leafy, green and healthy.”


Dangal girls Fatima Sana Shaikh and Sanya Malhotra also do their bit in working out from home.


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Fatima said that household work helps burning calories. “I am doing a lot of functional, high-intensity workouts as it is quick and effective. Even on days when I can’t hit the gym, I try to do some physical activity, even if it is taking a walk in the park. Cardio-based exercises like burpees, jump squats, kettlebell swings and pushups cover a lot of body parts and take only 30-40 mins. I also do yoga or functional training following videos on YouTube. Try to walk around the house and do household chores as that, too, burns calories.”, Fatima said to the leading daily.


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Sanya uses household items to add weight to her squats. “Yoga and meditation help me keep calm in these times of distress because I am a very sensitive person. I start my day with breathing exercises followed by a workout to get those endorphins flowing. I have a couple of resistance bands with which it’s easy to train at home. Otherwise, I use water bottles or even a backpack filled with books to add weight to the squats. I also love boxing; getting in a few punches and kicks can be good exercise. It can be tempting to spend all day binge-watching shows and films but it’s important to take a break every now and then and move. Interval training is quick, easy and effective. Also, since it is a time of self-distancing, journaling can help keep your negative thoughts in check and also fuel creativity.”



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‘Mr Bajaj’ a.k.a Karan Singh Grover feels bodyweight and movement exercises don’t require any equipment. “I am one of the lucky ones because my routine hasn’t changed. I have a gym with equipment on the terrace of my building and I do a lot of bodyweight and movement exercises which can be done at home and don’t require any equipment. Sometimes I do strength training to make the skeletal muscles stronger.”



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Fitness enthusiast Mandira Bedi says you only need your body and towel for a workout. “I decide on my workout in the morning and it depends on how much I have slept. If I’m cooped up at home, there’s the elliptical trainer and bodyweight exercises for which you only need your body and a towel. Most of my workout is time-based, so it’s a circuit of 1-minute squats, 1-minute kicks,1-minute lunges, 20 push-ups and so on. Depending on my energy levels, I might do a circuit of six minutes or ten minutes. Sometimes I challenge myself with a 5-4-3-2-1 workout, which is quite intense as you do it without breaks. In the evenings, I go for a run. As long as you avoid crowded places, you can go for a walk or run.”

(Source- Mumbai Mirror, Instagram)