Ko-ordinating with Karan Johar: 5 times birthday boy's outfits matched with his kids Yash and Roohi!


Celebrations are in order, the day has arrived! It's ace-filmmaker Karan Johar's 48th birthday and our excitement is hitting the roof. A brand himself, the powerhouse has been the jack of all trades when it comes to the showbiz. From acting to direction, from fashion to trendsetting, he has always been the true-blue leader at all forefronts. But like all of us, he too, has a sweet weakness and that's undoubtedly his oh-so-cute mini Johars - Yash and Roohi. 

Like Papa Jo, his munchkins too, are bugged by 'fashion ka keeda' and evidently, the results will make you scream in awe! From matching sweatshirts to coordination ethnics on Diwali, the modish trio are twinning-and-winning with these outfits and you don't want to miss this:

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Cut from the same cloth, literally!



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The Johars stepped up their festive game with this coordinated outfits for Diwali and we can't help but swoon over the sheer cuteness. Cut from the same cloth, quite literally! 

In sweats we trust!

We all know Karan and his love for jumpers. Throwback to the OG, he was amongst the first ones to get the trend to Bollywood with films like Kuch Kuch Hota and Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. Incidentally, his lil' munchkins have also seemed to grow a thing for these cozy sweats, and honestly, we're not surprised. Like father, like tots! 

'Sunny' side up! 



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Papa Jo's love for chunky frames and whacky sunglasses is not a secret. While we crush over these statement pieces, Yash and Roohi too, have picked up a liking for it and this video is proof; check it out! 



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A part of the Johar genes 

Needless to say, the sheer love for fashion runs in their blood. Like KJo, his kids have also picked up on the 'keep your most fashionable foot forward in desi wear' and we're loving it! 

All things vogue! 



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From sporting luxe labels to make it a part of their personality, the Johars are always the chicest of the lot and that's what makes them different. Sharing their father's love for the high-street labels, Yash and Roohi have been spotted sporting opulent labels that might burn a hole in your pocket. 



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Here's wishing the modish-monger and ace-filmmaker a very Happy Birthday!