Festive Edit 2020: Bottle lamps to Rangoli powders, easy DIY décor and gift ideas that will make your low-key Diwali special and fun!


Diwali is just around the corner and we are pretty sure that even with the low-key affair due to the global pandemic, there must be a lot of responsibilities on your shoulder like cleaning up the place, making sweets, and planning that perfect outfit! With only 3 days left in hand, you might have realized that you didnt tick off the main boxes on your checklist- DIWALI DECORATIONS AND GIFTS!

Decorations are the fun element of this festival as it brings the family together and makes them realize that there are hidden party decorators amongst them. Speaking about festive gifts, who doesnt like one? With Diwali being intimate this year, it only makes sense to have a personalized dcor and gift ideas to express your love for your friends and family (and the environment!) Yes, it's simpler than you think. No, it will not cost you a lot of money or your precious time!

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So, here are some last-minute DIY dcor as well as gift ideas that you could refer to for a fun, festive, and intimate Diwali. The best part is, these all can serve as Diwali gifts for your close friends and family as well. Thank us later!


Rangoli powders are much-needed during the festival of lights so why not make one yourself and gift your loved ones too? Ditching the rocket science, mix rice flour, salt, and candy colours. For more authentic colours, mix Haldi (turmeric) and Sindoor (Vermilion) to get that red and yellow colour.


This is the most abstract decoration that requires no reference piece and allows 100% creative freedom. Wrap an inflated balloon with a ball of wool coated with a mixture of glue and water. Let it dry for a few hours and voila, its done!


All you need is paper, needles and of course, a candle. Poke creative holes along with patterns and jazz on a sheet of white paper and wrap it around the candle. Could be later used for date nights also, no?


If you are tired of lacing the windows around with fairy lights (lets be honest, it's done and dusted), shove them in an empty bottle and let them shine collectively!


If its too late for you to step out of the house to buy a diya yourself, make one from a chapati dough! For a more festive effect, paint them with bold and vibrant hues. You can gift these to your loved ones too!


Instead of circulating the same old soanpapdis, we suggest you make an exciting mithai hamper with an unused box. Club your homemade besan ka laddoos and chaklis along with some dry fruits and chocolates. Bring them the best of all worlds!


Plants can be a very thoughtful gift this Diwali given the pollution and environmental situation in the county. They can also serve as a dcor purpose, not just Diwali but all year long.


With the global pandemic refusing to leave us just yet, gifting personalized sanitizers is the need of the hour. While we would advise that you get the sanitizer from the store you can always decorate it with your artistic creativity! Wrap a pretty card paper and write the name of the person you would want to gift this to. Trust us, nothing can be intimate than this given the situation these days!

So, what all are you trying from the above?

(Image source- Google Archives)