Mother’s Day Special: From Karisma Kapoor’s ‘Mentalhood’ to Shweta Tiwari’s ‘Hum Tum Aur Them’, ALTBalaji brings different facets of motherhood


Remember the time when mothers on screen were the ultimate ‘tyaag ki Devi’! From Nirupa Roy's docile and ever sacrificing Ma in the 70s to Sridevi’s vengeful Mom in pursuit of her daughter’s kidnappers in the 21st century, we have come a long way in the portrayal of mothers. Today our onscreen mothers are more relatable, similar yet different from each other. They are filled with unconditional love and are yet extremely individualistic. As we prepare ourselves to bring in the Mother’s Day this Sunday, we bring you the many faces of motherhood captured by ALTBalaji across its popular series. 

The Caring and Loving mom

She knows parenting is all about the right balance. She is every mom who is overtired, stressed out, worried, and extra caring. The mom, who helps her kids do all the homework, takes care of their smallest of needs including sacrificing her sleep. Though these qualities are somewhat present in almost all the moms, she goes the extra mile all the time. Just like our Meira Sharma of Mentalhood whose life revolves around her kids and wants the best of everything for them. Isn't she simply adorable?

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The traditional yet modern mom

The mom who will go out of her way for the happiness of her family. The one who still thinks ‘log kya kahenge’ but when it comes to her kids, she is the first one to support their decisions. Perfectly portrayed by Supriya Pilgaonkar in ALTBalaji’s HOME, she is the mother everyone would want to have. In a society where love marriage outside the community and divorces are still considered taboo, she stands with her daughter and supports all her decisions.

The Strict mom

A pushover mom generally ends up being a strict parent to get some discipline amongst her kids. She is the type of mother who will go to any extent to make sure her kids get all the bashing they deserve to bring some discipline in their lives. We have a similar kind of mom in Preity Khosla from Mentalhood. Mother of two kids, who are no less than goons. A strict slap for the kids results in maintaining peace at home. Hilarious yet relatable, she knows the tricks of the trade well.

The Micromanaging moms

There come those moms who do not only control freaks but also want to manage each second of their child’s life by hook or by crook. It is understood that the micromanaging mom is worried about her kid’s safety, whereabouts but has no sense of personal boundaries. Nandita Hariprasad of Mission Over Mars is a perfect example of this mom. She is a scientist mom who is brilliant at her job but somewhere disappoints her son by hacking into his phone, to constantly track his location.

The Vibrant and colorful mom

This mom is full of life and colours. Whenever she is around her kids, their whole world turns colorful just like a painting. She is lively yet grounded. Our very own Shiva from the show Hum Tum and Them fits well in this category. She plays a single yet modern mom who supports her kid in everything and always tries to make them happy.

This Mother’s Day sit with your mom, cook her an exotic dish, and catch up on all these amazing shows at the ALTBalaji app!