I know what I'm gonna wear, and I can't tell you: Kristen Stewart on keeping her wedding outfit a surprise!


Actress Kristen Stewart got engaged to her girlfriend Dylan Meyer in November after two years together and although she is unsure how many "traditions" they will follow on their big day, she's already chosen her clothes but wants to keep the details a surprise.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': "You're supposed to, I mean, I guess traditionally speaking and in this case, I mean, who knows how many ... I don't even know detail-wise, I don't know how many traditions we're going to follow. "But I know what I'm gonna wear, and I can't tell you. Like, the whole thing, we kind of have to do the surprise thing."


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Stewart said portraying Princess Diana in 'Spencer' was "such a trip" and a very unique role because there are so few people like the late royal, reported femalefirst.co.uk. She said, "The most resounding takeaway that I have from making this movie was probably how big and how small I felt as her. I've never felt so big and so small at the same time. And I don't know, just to sort of be aware of there are certain impactful and, you know, touching people that exist and they're sort of lightning in a bottle, one-in-a-million special, but their inner lives are maybe not sometimes what it feels like for everyone outside, do you know what I mean?

"You know, it's like this woman was able to reach out and touch so many people and responsible for so much good in the world, a just sort of unyielding, unbelievable amount of goodness, but at the same time it's just really nice to, you know, to fall into sort of wake of her dreamy nature. (It's) such a trip and I've never done anything like it and I love work.

"I think of her as a sort of artiste. She was so good at touching those outside of herself. That is a certain talent and connection and that's what we're doing and I think all of that was just the coolest thing."