Stop passing off your colonial hangover: Grooming coach faces backlash for giving tips on Indian dining etiquettes


When it comes to culture and cuisines, India is said to be one of the diverse countries to offer them both. Be it north, south, east or west, each region has its own cultural background and innumerable regional dishes to relish upon. We Indians are very serious about our food and it shows. Not just the dishes, the way of eating them is equally important in our culture. Eating with hands is a common practice followed by Indians for two reasons- one, it’s culturally imbibed in us since we are little and second, there’s no denying the fact that it makes the food taste even better!   

And so, Indians need to food coach to guide them to eat their own food, a practice they have been following for years. However, when it comes to ‘formal dining lessons’ people rely on social media to ‘coach’ them on how to eat the food in a correct manner. But it seems like these rules and etiquette do not apply to desi food! Recently, a grooming coach's video on Indian dining etiquettes has caused quite a stir amongst the Indians on social media.

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In this two-part video, coach Manik Kaur on her social media handle showed her followers on how to eat dal, rice, rajma, sabzi and roti in a ‘correct’ way. She suggested that one should not pour the entire dal on the rice but instead take it in a bowl and spoon it out a little each time. She also said that it's okay to mix your veggies with your curry but never more than 2 food items at a time. “No mixing curd with everything. it makes people around you feel not so good. Have a bit of curd separately while having your meal,” she concluded.

This did not sit well with the desi Twitteratis and many of them called out the coach for her pretentious takes. “What’s next? Eating paratha with a fork??,” said one,” Don't look down upon Indians and their age-old dal rice and dahi eating practices,” commented another. Check out the tweets below:








While one must always maintain a decorum of the formal space while eating their food, ‘coaching’ people on how to eat their own food is a step taken a bit too far. What are your thoughts on this?

(Source- Instagram, Twitter)