Watch: New-mom Bharti Singh documents her birthing journey moments before delivering her baby boy


New mum and comedienne Bharti Singh along with husband Haarsh Limbachiyaa recently welcomed a baby boy into the world on Sunday, April 3. On Monday, the couple gave us a peek at their birthing journey by sharing a video on YouTube. The documentation of the video started two days prior to her delivery leading to labor.

The video started with Bharti experiencing back pain but still choosing to continue her routine shoot. The comedienne was heard saying in the video that she did not tell her husband or family members about the back pain as they would not let her go to shoot the next day out of concern. However, after the pack-up, things started taking their due course and it was time for the actress and her husband to rush to the hospital as she had started experiencing labor pain.

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“I am scared but also excited. I haven’t experienced this kind of fear even before entering the stage,” Bharti said in the video. Haarsh tried to lighten the mood saying, “this is your first pregnancy, which is why you are scared. Next time, you won’t be,” thus receiving a funny stare from his pregnant wife. While Bharti is happy with just one child, Haarsh revealed he wants six.

After a quick tour of their room and a few jokes lightening up the mood, Bharti recorded herself last at 4:30 AM saying that she has doctors checking up on her every half hour and spoke about enduring the labor pain. She also said that she is missing her family, especially her mother in times like these. The video ended with Haarsh recording Bharti laying on bed with her eyes closed, all ready to be taken to the delivery room. He said that they will be welcoming their baby soon and that she is in very much pain.

Moments after the couple posted the video, fans lauded Bharti for working till the last day of pregnancy. “Bharti proved, pregnancy is not a disease....and she worked till her last day of pregnancy.... Hats off to you and Bharti is Really a patient girl....means so much patience and courage she has. LOTS OF LOVE FROM PATNA BIHAR TO YOU AND OUR NEW CUTIE,” said a user, “Handling pregnancy and working at the same time??!! Unbelievable!!! Hat's off to both of you. Congratulations, This is a skill only you can have,” commented another.

The duo made their pregnancy announcement last December with a YouTube video. The couple tied the knot on December 3, 2017, in an intimate ceremony in Goa.

(Source- YouTube)