Created to ‘project modern society’ Tokyo-based fashion label immortalized Mona Lisa vandalizing incident into a T-shirt!


Internet is a funny place! Wondering what makes us say that? Well, not a long time ago earlier this week, an unidentified man disguised as an old lady vandalized Mona Lisa’s painting by throwing cake at Louvre, Paris. Luckily, this Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece was protected by a layer of bulletproof glass causing no harm in any way to the painting.

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While being escorted by the security guards, the man kept yelling, “Think about the Earth. Think about the Earth, there are people who are destroying the Earth. Think about it. All artists think about the Earth. That’s why I did this. Think about the planet.”

And now, Tokyo-based fashion label Fxxing Rabbits or #FR2 created a T-shirt out of the whole incident. Called, ‘Protect the Earth’, the tee featured a front pocket that read ‘A Piece of Cake’ and its back bore an image of the cake-smeared Mona Lisa painting.  


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"Photo T-shirt projecting modern society. Throwing a cake at the Mona Lisa doesn't protect the Earth at all, but we started pre-ordering it," read the caption of the fashion label. Priced at ¥7,700 JPY, the t-shirt is available for online purchase on #FR2's website.

(Source- Hypebae, Instagram@FR2, Twitter)