Vouching companionship at old age, Ratan Tata invests in senior citizens friendly app Goodfellow


Indian industrialist, philanthropist, and former chairman of Tata Sons, Ratan Tata has extended his support to Goodfellows on Tuesday, the start-up that is designed to pair citizens with young graduates to form meaningful friendships. He has done so by Investing in Shantanu Naidu's commendable effort to cease loneliness and segregation through Goodfellows. In a world where companionship and attachment aren’t exactly easy to come by, sometimes everything an individual need is someone to talk to - especially when it comes to old-age citizens.

The initiative works on a Freemium basis, meaning it has a subscription model for everyone which gives out a free 1-month subscription and then pay-on-demand for the following months which is meager for the affordability of pensioners. The root of this initiative lies in showing empathy, forming emotional connections, and spreading immense goodwill in the form of joy and laughter between generations. A Goodfellow is willing to do whatever a grandkid does.


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The start-up is currently accessible in Mumbai and is planning to expand onto Pune, Chennai, and Bangalore in the near future. Shantanu Naidu, an employee at Tata, said “Everything a grandkid would do to help their grandparent, we would do as well, there's no exhaustive list for it. We are looking to venture into the travel space, where the elderly can have curated travel plans along with their companion to explore the places they want to visit. As they get more senior, the physical and mental blocks of ‘no I can’t travel’ start kicking in & it's really sad because now is the time they have to do those things.” He continued “This is not an app; we do have a website for sons and daughters to sign on and see what is going on so they can sign their parents/grandparents up.”

The company also offers travel companions for senior citizens who’ve been holding back from making trips due to a lack of safety and fellowship.

(Source - Twitter / Quartz)