Digital 'beasts' Abhinav Mathur, Ankush Bahuguna and Siddharth Batra normalize ‘Makeup for Men’ on HT Brunch’s November issue


International Men’s Day came a few days late for dapper dudes and talented digital creators- Abhinav Mathur, Ankush Bahuguna and Siddharth Batra as they celebrated their dedicated day with lots of style and makeup! Pushing the beauty envelope, these ‘influencers’ redefined the beauty norms and normalized ‘makeup for men.’ Trust us, there's nothing sexier than men getting in touch with their feminine side and breaking the stereotypical 'manhood' stigma, one rule at a time!

Styled by themselves, ‘beasts’ Abhinav, Ankush and Siddharth took over HT Brunch’s issue cover with ‘beauty’


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Abhinav looked dapper in a brown H&M jacket teamed up with a casual Uniqlo tee and Marks & Spencer pants and shoes. Sidharth opted for a Sahil Aneja shirt paired with HOS pants and Zara shoes. Ankush kept it classy in a black H&M tee, Zara pants and Reebok shoes. All three men, posed with makeup.

Bringing a change has never been easy and so it was an uphill task for these gentlemen as well. These digital content creators faced a lot of flak and online abuses for normalizing makeup for all genders always yet nothing deterred them. They stood their ground, stuck to their thought, and vouched for the fact that 'makeup for me  is the new show of strength.' And who says makeup isn't for men anyway? Last we checked beauty and makeup are made for all!

Embracing male beauty in all its glory, aren’t they?

(Source- HT Brunch)