‘Women will change the world, one story at a time,’ says Reese Witherspoon as she features on Time Magazine’s business cover for her company Hello Sunshine


Reese Witherspoon has landed herself on the cover of TIME magazine. The star admitted that she was overwhelmed that her company Hello Sunshine was named one of TIME100’s Most Influential Companies as she emphasized that female partnership is the most powerful fuel on the planet.

Sharing her cover on Instagram she wrote, “If you told my third-grade self, the one who started her first business customising hair barrettes out of her desk, that one day she would be on the cover of Time Magazine as a businesswoman, She would have said, 'That’s So Rad!' *or something very 80s like that. Honestly, I can’t properly express what a humbling experience it is to be recognised by @time as a business leader. (It’s sort of feels like AHHHHHH / eeek/ gulp/ sob!) I’m so proud of my company @HelloSunshine. The minute my career became about amplifying other women’s voices, and creating more for others, the world opened up for me in the most incredible ways. (sic)"

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She further added, “I really credit all the incredible people I stand shoulder to shoulder with @hellosunshine. Without their infinite creativity and endless hard work, this company would never become all that it is. Also, I just need to emphasise: FEMALE PARTNERSHIP is the most POWERFUL FUEL on the planet. Thank you to the enormously talented women who have collaborated with me and shared their stories/ screenplays/books with @hellosunshine and @reesesbookclub. My biggest hope is this cover might inspire other little girls to think 'I can do that!' Because women will change the world. One story at a time. (sic)"

(Source: Instagram)