Kim Kardashian breaks the internet with her latest perfume's release


Keeping up with the Kardashians is definitely a task! Today we have Kim Kardashian West, causing a stir with the launch of her new perfume, KKW Body, which is bottled in a design made to match her own curvy frame in real life.

Kim has been venturing out with her own range of products that include cosmetics, perfumes, etc. KKW Body was released on Snapchat first and the crazies followed. With the influence this family has on the people, the products were surely going to be a hit!

Since the news of this perfume is making rounds of the internet, there were a lot of speculations and controversies given the risque photos that Kim uploaded on Instagram. Now, with the bottle shaped like her own bare body, the stir caused is untameable.

However controversial be the matter concerning the product, the fragrance has been appreciated by one and all. With notes of Citrus, Sandalwood, Amber fused with musky notes of peach and rose. It's a treat for all the sweet lovers out there. But given all the sweet inputs, the perfume still has heavier notes than what most expected it to be. Nevertheless, it's worth the shot.

Given the controversies, a plus-size activist, Carmen Rene recreated the photos to slam any notions of an 'ideallic body' revolving around the perfume's release. While Carmen made sure that there was nothing promoting the ideal body, she also promoted the fact that all bodies are 'good and desirable'.

While it's wonderful that Kim, who herself has dealt with her share of body image struggles, is feeling more confident about herself, it's also important to note that the standards of beauty she's helping to set aren't necessarily realistic. As Carmen put it, no body is better than any other, and every single one out there is perfect — whether someone's buying a perfume bottle shaped like it or not.

Well, you go girl