‘Inspiration’ gone overboard! Diet Sabya calls out Nykaa once again for blatantly ripping off Australian brand’s eyeliner


The Instagram account of Diet Sabya is indeed a 'no-mercy' fashion police that calls out Indian designers who copy the work of other renowned designers under the guise of ‘inspiration’. They take a dig at all the Gandi Copies which our home designers blatantly pick up and call it their own creation.

Looks like beauty brand Nykaa has landed itself in the troubled waters once again. DS recently called out this beauty e-com player for ripping off the unique stamp-on cat eyeliner from an Australian based company, The Quick Flick founded by a 23-year-old Iris Smit in 2017. This brilliant product was featured and won on Shark Tank as well.

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The internet tribe also seemed to agree on this fiasco unanimously. Check out their comments below:

Well the resemblance is definitely uncanny, don’t you think?