Not to slim but to support: Kim Kardashian West gives a befitting reply as SKIMS Maternity Solutionwear faces flak for body shaming


It’s no surprise that Kim Kardashian West and controversy regarding her newly launched products go hand in hand. Recently, the beauty mogul launched a new line of maternity solutionwear with her brand SKIMS.

Taking it to her social media space, Kim dropped her new line of shape-wear curated especially for pregnant women that could be used during and post-pregnancy. The line included a stain finish sculpting bra with a clasp that can be undone during breastfeeding and a mid-rise thigh brief with a non-compressive core that allowed a baby bump to grow freely.


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Launching on Wednesday, September 16, the nine-shade shapewear would be available in shapes ranging from XXS to 5X.


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Though it was a conscious attempt made to benefit pregnant ladies, it did not go well with the internet tribe including activist Jameela Jamil. Many netizens condemned the ‘shape-wear’ saying that pregnant ladies need not be concerned about their bodies. "Just let people enjoy their pregnancy without thinking they need to maintain the perfect figure,” stated a user; “I’m sure that’s the one thing pregnant women need above all! Being pressed to a slimmer figure,” commented another. Check out their tweets below:






However, there were even some who defended the beauty Moghul including Chrissy Teigen:





Amidst all the controversy, Kim finally addressed the backlash with a long, befitting reply. “To anyone who has an issue with maternity solution wear, and if you haven’t been pregnant before you may not know the struggle of what it’s like carrying all of this weight the way I did along with millions of strong women, @skims maternity line is not to slim but to support,” she stated in her tweet. Check out her entire statement below:





This is not the first time Kim’s SKIMS came under the fire. The solution-wear brand's initial name ‘Kimino’ ticked a lot of people off and was termed culturally insensitive.

Maternity solution wear, yay or nay? What do you think about this whole controversy?

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