Zendaya put on wigs to motivate herself to workout; pretends to be different characters


Actress Zendaya says she does not really enjoy working out, but she found a trick to motivate herself to sweat it out during quarantine. She recently went undercover on the Internet to answer a fan's comment on YouTube, which read: "Zendaya: 'I don't really workout.' Me: "Howwwwwwww?", reported contactmusic.com.

She replied, "I don't know, man. I don't really enjoy working out. I really wish I did because I feel like it would be good for me. "I tried in quarantine. I did, like, maybe five days consistently ... I was like, 'Yo, you know what this is going to be my thing. I'm gonna keep my body active. I've got to do this'," Zendaya added.


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She admitted that it didn't last very long. "And the way that I got myself to keep going every day to workout was I would put on different wigs and pretend to be different characters because I was just craving acting, I guess. And I would do these funny skits ... again that only lasted about five days," said Zendaya.