Exclusive: ‘Bombay-based stylists have refused me to source outfits as I wasn’t a ‘television star’, says Himanshi Khurana


Apart from her acting chops and her sizzling chemistry with co-contestant Asim Riaz, Bigg Boss 13 fame Himanshi Khurana is known for her on-point fashion looks. Recently, Himanshi unveiled her latest music album, Surma Bole and needless to say it was all things magical. The stunner sat down for an exclusive conversation with PeepingMoon.com over a Zoom call and discussed styling her own poster look, difficulties faced for sourcing outfits from Mumbai-based designers and stylists and more.

Speaking on the equation with city-based stylists, Himanshi revealed that she had not been sourced outfit by many Mumbai-based designers as they do it just for ‘Television artists.’ “The biggest negative point is we don’t have western stylists in Punjab. Most of the time, we small-town people fight hard for many things. When I used to call Bombay-based stylists to source me the outfits, they used to reply that we just do that for Television artists. Assuming people know me well post Bigg Boss to source looks now, I am left clueless as to what the look is since I am not present for the trials. So, I have to get involved at all stages. My job gets more hectic than others as I have to take the headache of sourcing the costumes as well- right from its fabric to every minute detail. It gets very stressful about curating THE look as I have to find various elements or dig into my closet to find something relevant to it.”

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The Bigg Boss fame also stated that she styled her poster look by amalgamating various elements and experimenting with statement pieces. “The silver jewellery from the poster look of the song was brought by me last year from Armenia and it got used in this song. It was teamed up with a black cape called Abaya. So, we created that look by experimenting with things and sourcing elements from various places,” she said.

When asked about multi-tasking several roles for a single project, Himashi termed it to be a ‘very stressful job' with tons of responsibilities. “There’s no one above me but there are many people who work under me. So I am the boss and the leader. So if I have to buy a certain outfit or jewellery from the mall, I go and buy it myself because my work is important to me. The work dimension in Bombay differs to that in Punjab. So you have to be very clear with your concept and deliverables. There are 4 of us in my team and we take on all the jobs in the project. So sometimes my manager takes up the role of my stylist or photographer if need be.”

(Transcribed by: Malvika Mistry)