Let’s talk periods: Taapsee Pannu addresses the ‘elephant in the room’; demands a harmless sanitary pad in the era of technological advances


Known for speaking up on unconventional and hard-to-digest topics, Taapsee Pannu has addressed another elephant in the room- Periods. The actress on Monday discussed the tabooed topic of menstruation and the stigmas around it. Taking it to her Instagram, Taapsee captioned the post, “A sense of gratitude. A sense of giving back to nature and to her ..... Something new coming up... Something I have been longing to share with you all... But first .... 'Let's talk periods', let's talk about what is #GoodForHer and #GoodForEarth."

Talking about period rashes, Taapsee mentioned that she is appalled about how we have taken it so lightly. In spite of genital skin being the most sensitive part of a girl’s body, the actress mentioned we take it so lightly while spending a fortune on face and body creams.


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She also stated that conventional sanitary pads are full of harmful chemicals that cause irreversible damage to a woman who has about 450 periods in a lifetime. “It’s just so sad that we have accepted it as a way of life and not something that needs urgent attention and help,” she said. Calling it a ‘high time’ to address this problem as a society Taapsee urged to not just acknowledge but also address the elephant in the room. In the era of advanced technology, Taapsee urged to have ‘A pad devoid of harmful chemicals which stays dry for a long time and comfortable for the skin.’

A discussion that was due for a long period of time. What are your thoughts on this?