WE too want to live in Levi’s: Post plagiarism accusations, denim brand gets called out for lack of size inclusivity!


Looks like things are going south for popular denim brand Levi’s. After facing accusations from Yeh Ballet director Sooni Taraporevala for ‘plagiarizing the set to every last detail,’ the denim brand has now faced flak from customers for not being size-inclusive.

Actor and influencer Tia Rohin Sebastian took it to her Instagram and posted the new Levi’s advertisement ft. brand ambassador Deepika Padukone and penned a strong-worded note. “I spare enough money to buy a pair of Levi’s jeans but I HAVE TO BE A CERTAIN size?” read an excerpt from the caption of her post. She also tagged Deepika urging her to influence the denim brand to include sizes for ‘big beautiful women.’

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Tagging the brand in series of posts, she made sure that her message is being heard by Levi’s. She also recreated the entire Levi's advertisement.

Many users lauded Tia for representing the plus size and flooded her comment section with positive messages. ‘That took guts, beautifully said’ commented one user, ‘boss lady’ said another.

([email protected] Tia Rohin Sebastian )