Mother's Day Exclusive: Don't want to monetise my daughter Mehr's face for my clothing brand Messy Munchkins- Ankita Bhargava


Ankita Bhargava is a multi-faceted woman. She isn't just an actress, but a doting mother and founder of the clothing line, Messy Munchkins. As Mother's Day 2021 is around the corner, Ankita sat down for an interview with

During the conversation, Ankita said she doesn't want to monetise her daughter Mehr's face for the sake of her brand. "I had launched my brand (Messy Munchkins). My partner would always ask me, "Will you launch the brand with your daughter's face? I repeatedly said, "I am not using use or monetise my daughter's face for anything even if it is my personal brand."

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Watch the interview here:

(Transcribed by Tanmayi Savadi)