Glam girls get going in first of its kind all-women motoring show 'Car Girls India'


The long lockdown rules may have been relaxed in some places, but still you feel your movement restricted. However, you feel you are going places when you tune in to Car Girls India, a first of its kind all-women motoring show featuring a group of passionate and stylish women drivers comprising models, Miss Indias or actors who just love cars and motorbikes, love driving and discovering new nuances about vehicles and also travelling to exotic locations across India.

The Car Girls India team currently comprises Sheela Tiruchi, Meher Chahal, Aditi Shetty and Kritika Shetty. Conceptualised, produced and filmed by Vivek Ganapathy, this travel-based show can be viewed on YouTube and social channels.

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Car Girls India brings to you passionate travel-based motoring stories with an element of glitz, glam and an Indian twist. The girls have so far driven on mountains, gone dune bashing in the Thar desert, driven vintage cars and also showcased supercars on their motoring show. The Car Girls drive, review, enjoy and bring you automotive content like you have never seen before.

Despite launching the motoring show during the pandemic, they have done well with videos heading to millions of views. The Car Girls India Instagram page is a very stylish page with these gorgeous women and gorgeous cars and bikes.

The locales covered so far include Chikmagalur Hills, Karnataka; Sam Sand Dunes, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan; Airport Runway in Bangalore; New Town Kolkata in West Bengal; Mangalore beach in Karnataka.

Looking at these glam girls on the go, sitting at home you feel that you are accompanying them on their joyful journeys … perhaps you even feel you are the navigator!