Quietly knitting his cardigan away, British diver Tom Daley wins a gold medal and hearts of many at Tokyo Olympics


Alexa play Cardigan by Taylor Swift! Ever wondered how little acts can break sheer gender stereotypes and make the world look beautiful even without a rose-tinted glass? That is Tom Daley at Tokyo Olympics for you! 

The athlete is a gold medal recipient at the current Tokyo Olympics in men synchronised 10-meter diving, who was also spotted knitting quietly in the stadium while watching this Tokyo Olympics event live. The British athlete dabbled into a unique influencer territory with his crochet interests and mindfulness, his win went beyond a gold medal in diving. He took to social media to share pictures of his accomplishments which included a white cardigan he made.

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The Olympic-themed cardigan featured the Olympic rings and also the Team GB logo at the back. Daley wrote on social media, “When I got to Tokyo, I wanted to make something that would remind me of the Olympics to look back on in the future. I designed a pattern for the colour work that would signify everything about these games!”


It is like he just took a hammer and shattered glass, breaking a major stereotype by calmly sitting and knitting. Daley’s priorities seemed sorted as he just wanted to knit a cosy pouch to prevent his medal from getting scratched. Knowingly or unknowingly, he had a major contribution towards smashing gender dynamics of women being the only ones to knit and stitch. He was also able to bring into the light how men can be good at knitting and stitching too! 


Knitting is usually considered a stress-busting activity. He shared a video on his Instagram as he stitched a pouch for his gold medal. He claimed that learning to knit and crochet helped him so much to handle the Olympics stress overall and we also shared his victory with a gold medal in diving. At present, his account @madewithlovebytomdaley is solely dedicated to knitting and holds more than three lakh followers. 

The 27-year-old diver also knits his dog's jumpers. Adorbs, innit?

(Source: Instagram)