Big Boss OTT winner Divya Agarwal launches her indie brand ‘Bohoraani’


Actress and Big Boss OTT winner Divya Agarwal who has been a talk of the town has impressed everyone with her style statement lately. She has recently played a vital role in the series Cartel and has received appreciation for her performance from both critics and the audience.

Divya, who believes in spreading wings is now a proud entrepreneur of a fashion label - Bohoraani. She was also recently seen flaunting a beautiful ombre kaftan by Bohoraani inside the Bigg Boss. The outfit was loved and appreciated by housemates. In a conversation with Akshara Singh, Divya revealed that she decided to open this for her family.

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Before entering the Big Boss Divya spoke to us about her brand where she mentioned, "The main reason behind starting Bohoraani was my brother and my mother. It's a small initiative that has the potential to become a success. When I discussed the idea behind Bohoraani with my family, they immediately fell in love with the feeling attached to it i.e. INDIVIDUALITY."

She also posted a note on Instagram that quoted,” Bohoraani, an Indo-Bohemian fashion label encourages the discovery of individual style through self-expression. For me, this brand stands for experiences, emotions, and clothing, in that order. Every piece of Bohoraani allows inclusivity while retaining individuality and comfort. I thank my team from the bottom of my heart for understanding the emotion behind my dream and presenting it to the world. Bohoraani is now yours, to slay!”


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We wish Divya Agarwal all the good luck and success with her new venture. The brand is also live now, so to all the fashionistas, happy shopping!