Taking his love for knitting a notch higher Olympic medalist Tom Daley to launch knit kits for beginners!


Olympic medalist Tom Daley and his love for knitting is quite out there. It all started when the Plymouth-born diver was photographed knitting between dives during Tokyo Olympics and the internet couldn’t let it go. So it’s safe to say that Tom sort of became a knit man icon for the year and the next obvious step would be him launching his own knitwear line.

So when we stumbled across the page on Instagram named ‘Made with Love By Tom Daley’ with a post launching soon, every one of us was grappled with the question- is Tom really going to launch his own knitwear line? Well, the answer is no, but it’s pretty much closer to that.

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To everyone’s surprise, Tom is soon to launch 15 knit kits for beginners and intermediate knitters, with prices ranging from £50 to £220. Each kit is facilitated with needles, yarn, and knitting patterns you need to create your own handmade masterpieces. The yarn is biodegradable and renewable which even caters to the need of the environment, ticking all the right boxes. Sounds cool, right? For those who are interested in buying the launch has dropped today!

Check out the kits here:

However, it will be cool of him to actually work on his own knitwear line. So Tom, if you are listening, we are ready for it!

(Source- Popsugar, [email protected])