Stannin' Chandani, Forever! Kylie Jenner recreates Sridevi's silver hooded look 32 years later


Bollywood queen Sridevi's physical aroma might have gone away from this world, but her memories continue to live on forever in our heart. Not only did she made every set her own with her flawless acting, but she also revolutionized fashion with her charismatic looks. The iconic character has found a safe space in the trend chart and in each one of our closets. Her sartorial sense was par excellent, and she managed to impress the fashion police every time - be it on-screen or off-screen. Chandni definitely had some undeniable charm.

Recently, a gem of the Kardashian family, Kylie Jenner celebrated her 25th birthday with her family and friends and she served up a hearty dose of glam. On her dinner date, Kylie rocked a  glittery silver top with a dramatic yet stylish hood from Paco Rabanne’s vintage Fall 1997. She paired it up with jeans and had some accessories to finish off the look.

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We could only think that this reminded us of our iconic star, Sridevi. Back in 1990, a portrait of the legendary actress features her in a similar chainmail top, that comes attached to a hood. The portrait sheds light on Sridevi’s gorgeous eyes and her eternal glamour. More or less, the makeup was also the same, nude brown lips, and smokey eyes. The only difference we could spot was the different necklines and open back. 

There has been an argument since years if the thatllywood industry is ahead of the Hollywood Industry, and Sridevi made it her own to clear any doubts since Chandni did it first and so elegantly too! Many netizens commented “No one can beat Sridevi and her Charisma”, “No doubt Sridevi wore it better”, and “Sridevi’s looking way prettier than Kylie”. 

Let was know who you think wore this better - The Proud Kardashian or The Bollywood Ki Chandni?

(Source - Instagram)