From stain to statement! Heinz partners with ThredUP, launches Ketchup-stained collection


Can’t make it through a meal without destroying an outfit? Here’s why legendary ketchup-making company Heinz has launched a line of clothes that uses real ketchup to create stains on vintage clothes, anyway we’re going to spill on it so why not make it fashion? 

The world’s largest resale platform, ThredUP, has teamed up with Heinz to join the current ketchup craze and offer you pre-stained t-shirts, dresses, hoodies, and more at a very affordable range in their new Vintage Drip collection. 


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The garments are likely to be released in various sizes ranging from XXS to XXL and will feature 157 pieces of second-hand streetwear, all pre-stained with ketchup. The garments are to be released on Heinz’s US store websites sometime this month and once they’re live, customers can bid on exclusive pieces of clothing. The money earned from bidding will be for a global food charity Rise Against Hunger. 

“While Heinz is recognized globally for its iconic glass bottle, keystone, and slow-pouring ketchup, we saw an opportunity to view the stain we've been leaving on clothes as another iconic brand symbol and change the narrative from a stain to a statement. This collection is about sustainably celebrating the character Heinz ketchup stains add to apparel, inviting our fans to embrace a new iconic symbol," said Alyssa Cicero, brand manager for brand communication at Heinz. 

According to research by the company, about 62 percent of millennials and Gen Z say they look for a second-hand item before purchasing something new. So Heinz drip collection has arrived at a time when demand for preloved clothing is reaching new highs among consumers. 


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Erin Wallace, VP of integral marketing at ThredUP said, “We're thrilled to partner with an iconic brand like HEINZ to create the first-ever line of ketchup-stained second-hand clothes, celebrating reuse. This collection offers a unique way for fashion risk-takers and food lovers alike to participate in the circular economy while doing good for people and the planet."

So, what do you think of this new launch? Do let us know.

(Source - Times Now)