Comfy cashmeres to trendy hoodies and sweats, Gigi Hadid's newly launched brand 'Guest In Residence' serves fall solutions for IT Girls!


It’s time for sweater season as the IT girl, Supermodel, photographer, and 27-year-old mother, Gigi Hadid, added one more feather to her hat by finding her own fashion company on September 7th. 

On the eve of New Your Fashion Week’s S/S 2023 season, Hadid launched Guest In Residence, her new luxury, direct-to-consumer cashmere brand. She is also the brand’s creative director. 


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The brand launched first with its Core Collection, which includes cardigans, hoodies, socks, shorts, joggers, and more. Available all year in classic colours and seasonally in colours and weights. Guest In Residence offers 100% cashmere designs for both women and men as well as several unisex styles. 

The company’s name was inspired by Gigi’s many years of travel due to her globetrotting career. “Reflecting on years of travel and transience, away from creature comforts, no matter where I was a guest in residence — I always managed to find a home in myself — my internal residence of sorts. I strived to remain grounded despite the existential feeling that we are guests on this planet, and in our bodies. That we are guests when we travel. That we are guests in our clothes.”

“That those clothes have passed through hands and may have had previous lives — and quite certainly will have future lives — cloaking other guests in the revolving, intergenerational door of life. The genesis of Guest in Residence is to honor past heirlooms and give life to new ones spanning generations,” Hadid said. 


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The second campaign of the brand titled “Yearbook”, portrays humans (newborn) 100 years old, to illustrate the timelessness and intergenerational of cashmere. The pieces of clothing that can adapt to your personality and style throughout your life and can be passed on to someone with love. According to the brand’s Cashmere Guide, which offers tips on how to keep cashmere looking its best, Guest In Residence steps in with designs that are constructed to last for years, so you can wear them, love them, and hopefully, pass them down. 

The U.S. fashion lovers and Gigi’s fans can shop the cozy new designs exclusively on the website and globally beginning from September 12th.

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