Anushka Sharma comes onboard as L’Oréal Paris' brand ambassador; Malaika Arora becomes the new face of Dromen & Co


Our prideful and precious Bollywood industry is full of happenings, and with so much talent at stake, the icons never fail to disappoint, especially when they step outside their comfort zone that is acting. The ever-so-wholesome Anushka Sharma is leading this phenomenon after she became the Brand Ambassador of the prestigious brand L’Oréal Paris’ and on the other hand multi-talented Malaika Arora will be recognised as a new face of skincare brand Dromen & Co. 

Anushka Sharma becomes new brand ambassador of L’Oréal Paris’ in India - 

L’Oréal Paris announced Bollywood actress, Anushka as their newest brand ambassador after many other actors in India. Apart from being a celebrated actor, entrepreneur, mother and more, she has added one more feather to her hat by being the new face of a very popular brand across the world. She is also passionate about credible skincare and the value it can bring to the well-being and confidence of women of today. She will be seen as a new face of the science-baked and dermatologist-validated skincare innovations that L’Oréal Paris’ will be pioneering in the Indian market.

“I have always admired L’Oréal Paris for pioneering innovation in the beauty industry with superior and exemplary products backed by science that the women of today need. With this partnership, I look forward to making a positive impact in the beauty industry, making it more inclusive for women. It’s amazing to see an international brand supporting women to be the best version of themselves through unique initiatives and messaging. I hope to further support the brand’s vision by spreading the message of worth and empowerment to every beautiful woman out there!” Anushka said on her new partnership. 

The brand will soon be releasing its first campaign, set in Paris, featuring Anushka, to bring the latest innovation in skincare, Glycolic Bright Range. Recommended by dermatologists, the Glycolic acid will be out in five ranges, a serum, a daily cleanser, a day cream with SPF, an overnight cream, and a serum mask which will help in reducing dark spots and reveal even beaming skin. 

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Malaika Arora becomes the new dream face of Dromen & Co – 

Skincare brand Dromen & Co announced our Bollywood sensation and diva Malaika as their new face for hair brew oil. Flashing the substantial swath of elegance and sensuality, Malaika became a beauty icon for the whole new generation with her gorgeous hair and pretty smile. 

The power of Ayurveda and yoga has always been a strong belief in her life and with that, she only uses dermatologist-recommended ayurvedic products. This is the only reason she’s in love with the brand’s hair brew oil. 

Just like Ayurveda is a combination of body, senses, mind and reincarnated soul, the Dromen & Co Ayurvedic Hair Brew Oil is an amalgamation of ancient herbs, heritage and Vedic science. This blend of powerful ingredients has been proven to treat all kinds of hair ailments like hair fall, dandruff, Alopecia and many more.

(Source - Instagram / Bollywood Hungama)