Deepika Padukone's brand 82°E launches two new products and gets criticism for their high prices


After a long wait and much teasing, Deepika Padukone finally dropped her skincare line 82°E. In line with that, she introduced a moisturizer, and sunscreen drops, as the inaugural products. In line with the brand’s core philosophy, these products have been rigorously sourced, carefully crafted, and clinically tested to make skincare a simple, effective, and enjoyable self-care ritual.

Formulated by in-house experts, the moisturizer named 'Aswagandha Bounce' and sunscreen drops 'Patchouli Glow' combines time-tested Indian ingredients and powerful scientific compound(s) to offer high-quality and high-performance products. After the launch, it's getting falk over the internet for the prices.


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Though the products’ ingredient formulations sound interesting, many have expressed their disappointment at their expensive price points and the fact that not everybody can afford them. The anonymous Instagram fashion page ‘Diet Sabya’ commented on the launch of the products and said, “In a land of Hudas, Kylies, and Goops this is a pretty lacklustre launch. Like where is the build-up? Doing an abstract skincare/wellness launch in 2022 is giving boring. It’s giving Pinterest circa 2015” 


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The price of the sunscreen is Rs 1,800, while the moisturizer is Rs 2,700. Anonymous fashion police called out the actress' brand for having a vague launch. 

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