Fashion Roundup: Adidas unveils first new label ‘Adidas Sportswear’ in five decades; Tiffany & Co. collaborates with Nike to launch sneakers & more


From Prada taking over Gucci as the world’s hottest brand in Q4 2022 to Nike and Tiffany & Co’s collaboration and Adidas unveiling a new label, fashion news that made highlights recently. 

Prada takes over Gucci as the world’s hottest brand in Q4 2022


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After coming in second in the third quarter of the Lyst Index list, Prada now holds the top spot in the ranking order for the most recent quarter. Gucci, which dropped one rank from the previous quarter, is in second place and follows the fashion house.

After placing 17th in Q3, Moncler quickly climbed to the third spot. Miu Miu took the next spot, and Valentino fell to the fifth spot from the third spot. After squeaking in at the 14th place the previous time, Loewe made a swift ascent to the 7th spot.

Lyst is a fashion tech company as well as a high-end shopping site that receives nearly 200 million annual footfalls. With the help of a carefully devised ranking system that takes into account the search volume and social media traction, Prada emerged at the top for the quarter. Prada saw a surge in product search by 37 percent between October and December, with the slingback pumps ranking as the hottest product.

Lyst, a high-end retail website with almost 200 million visitors a year, specializes in fashion technology. Prada won the top spot for the quarter thanks to a meticulously designed ranking algorithm that takes into the consideration search volume and social media traction. Between October and December, product searches for Prada increased by 37%, with slingback pumps being the most popular item.

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Tiffany & Co. unveils sneaker collaboration with Nike 

The sports shoe company's leading brand and the jewellery brand collaborated to design a timeless pair with competence and performance in mind. The sneaker is slated to be on purchase on March 7 in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Nike's Air Force 1. The Nike x Tiffany & Co. Air Force 1 1837s is their official title.

Tiffany and Nike teased the collaboration by releasing a shoe box in Tiffany blue on their respective social media pages before revealing the pictures of the design. When both companies shared the image on their social media accounts with the comment, "@nike x @tiffanyandco, a legendary pair," the Swoosh logo was seen on Tiffany's turquoise blue-painted box.

The companies also created a special shoehorn, shoe brush, and ornamental tag for the Nike x Tiffany & Co. Air Force 1 1837 laces to go along with the launch. All of these sterling silver accessories featured co-branded patterns that Tiffany & Co. had previously published.

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Adidas unveils first new label in five decades a day after naming Jenna Ortega as its ambassador 


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Sportswear giant Adidas has revealed its first brand-new label in five decades – Adidas Sportswear, which will launch this month. The new line, in partnership with producer and style icon Jenna Ortega, aims to elevate the wearer’s everyday appearance with a selection of modern fits featuring cutting-edge performance technology to bring the same level of comfort and assurance to everyday life as its performance collections have for athletes for decades.

According to Adidas, Ortega is “a true reflection and champion” of uniqueness and adaptability, which is in line with how Adidas Sportswear sees new generations as presenting themselves to the world.

Along with Jenna Ortega, different Adidas partners will also join in the campaign including football player Son Heung-min, professional basketball player Trae Young, football player Mary Fowler, and gamer Carolina Voltan. 

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Karl Lagerfeld collaborates with Disney 

A capsule collection created by Karl Lagerfeld with The Walt Disney Company, which is celebrating its centennial this year, will debut on February 23 on and in select stores across the world.

It showcases a Donald Duck painting that the late designer made in 2004 to celebrate the iconic character's 70th birthday. In jeans, a black jacket, a high-collared shirt, and dark sunglasses, Lagerfeld dressed Donald to resemble him.

Numerous items, including those made of organic cotton and recycled polyester, are created with sustainable resources, according to the company.

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