Dwayne Johnson got goosebumps, courtesy The Titan Games


Actor Dwayne Johnson said he had goosebumps when he entered The Titan Games arena. Johnson has co-produced The Titan Games, a show brimming with high-octane action and stunts. He also hosts the show. It will air in India on Zee Cafe from March 18. The show pits men and women to battle it out in a series of tough tasks as they fight to be titled as the ultimate Titan.

"The Titan arena is a special place. When we first started conceiving the idea of The Titan Games, there were two sides to it -- one being that it is an amazing show, but we had to figure the best possible way to execute the episodes. The other side is, where do you put a show like this? It requires and commands a built-from-scratch outdoor arena," Johnson said in a statement.



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"The Titan Games arena is the biggest outdoor structure ever built for an athletic competition on television. The very first time I stepped into this arena, I had goosebumps and it was an incredible feeling," he added. Asked about the inspiration behind it, Johnson said, "We have a term in Polynesian language, Mana it means spirit, power. The mana in this arena is real, the competitors are harnessing their own mana showcasing spectacular performances as they dig deeper and push themselves past their breaking point. A lot of times athletes can barely walk out of here on their own accord, they have to get help to go out of here as they are bleeding or heavily injured. Despite which, they have understood what it means to taste victory in this arena. It's a very special place. I'll give you an example - Madison Square Garden and Titan arena, and, now I have been a part of both."