Sophie Turner takes a dig at Cersei's obsession with elephants, cc Game of Thrones S08E01


The enmity between their on-screen characters was taken to the next level when Sophie Turner who plays Sansa Stark took a playful opportunity to roast Cersei’s new found liking to elephants, which fans saw in the first episode of Game of Thrones S8.

Cersei’s obsession with wanting elephants sparked a meme fest all over social media with Sophie joining in on the fun. She took to Instagram to share a collage of herself dressed as an elephant along with queen Cersei captioned, “You’re welcome Cersei” on her IG story. 

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To give clueless fans some backstory, Euron Greyjoy brought back the army of mercenaries and horses - The Golden Company, along with him back to King's Landing but without the elephants, Cersei had been promised. Disappointed, Cersei said, “I wanted those elephants”.

Sansa and Cersei aren’t particularly fond of each other in the hit HBO show. It started with Cersei wrongfully executing Sansa’s father Ned Stark in season one. Even though the two strong female characters haven’t crossed paths since Sansa fled King’s Landing after Joffrey Baratheon’s death in season four, they still continue to be on opposite sides of the war to come.

Viewers can catch Sansa and Cersei in the eighth season of Game of Thrones which premiered worldwide on April 15. This is the last season of the show which will decide the fate of all the remaining characters.