Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff-Dan Weiss leave cast to tackle fan questions about controversial final season at Comic-Con


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The panel began cheerfully enough, with actors weighing in on what they hoped happened next for their character, Isaac who joked that he's "forced my family and friends to now only refer to me as 'Your Grace,'" said he doesn't imagine Bran's reign is exactly 'a barrel of laughs.' "I guess Westeros is now a surveillance state," he joked, "with Bran now aware of what everyone is doing."

Maisie said she expects Arya is enjoying her trip abroad, "like Dora the Explorer," while Jacob believed Grey Worm would be keeping his promise to Missandei played by Nathalie Emmanuel by protecting Naath. Bran's council members, John and Liam, joked that "their relationships must have soured by now."

Of course, not everyone survived the finale. Regarding Jaime's ending, Nicolaj said he felt it was "the perfect ending" for his character to die in Cersei's arms. (Not everyone in the crowd agreed, to which the actor replied, "Just my opinion!") Conleth, for his part, joked that he "wasn't sorry for starting the petition," a crack at his widely publicized disappointment over Varys' death. That disappointment was expressed in an interview where Conleth said he felt his comments about being upset over Varys' death were taken out of context by other news outlets.

The panel concluded with the cast offering final fond memories of their time working with one another on Game of Thrones, and what they miss most about the process — including a reconciliation with his own "panicky" personality in the case of Jacob, and an appreciation for the hard and diverse work accomplished in Conleth's home country of Ireland. 

(Source: Comic-Con and Entertainment Weekly)