To the boy we love! Noah Centineo’s quarantined look has left fans wondering what happened to their crush


Internet’s boyfriend and all-round heartthrob has got his fans confused with his new look. The actor who has been part of much-loved romantic web series on Netflix left fans distraught as he unveiled his ‘quarantined’ look. His transformation from a hottie to a supposedly ‘homeless man’ with a full-grown beard has not gone down too well with his fans.

Noah has been sporting an unkempt beard and overgrown hair with no proper hairstyle and has left his fans wondering what happened to him. They have resorted that quarantine has not been kind to the actor. However, ‘looking your best’ is not of the highest priority during the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown and we can’t blame Noah for behaving the way everyone on the planet is behaving that is lounging around in sweats and pajamas with taking each day as it comes. However, the fans have been reacting in the worst way possible. Check out some tweets below:

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WHY DOES HE LOOK LIKE THAT #meme #noahcentineo #lmao

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However, let’s not forget that we are under a pandemic and there is much more important things to do like being mentally stable than looking like a million bucks.

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