BTS’ new album ‘BE (Deluxe Edition) out now, the K-Pop group shares music video for ‘Life Goes On’


K-pop stars BTS were delighted to let in their fans, whom they call the ARMY, on the process of making their latest album BE (Deluxe Edition) as they wanted to stay connected with them. In the last few months, the seven members -- RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook -- have been giving glimpses into the making of their album, which is out now.

"We showed the process of making the album with fans through livestreaming and sharing videos. It feels like we made it together with the fans," RM said at a global press conference on Friday that was attended by all the members except SUGA, who is recovering from a shoulder surgery. "We thought of sharing the process because we couldn't meet our fans. We had physical connection with the fans, but felt we were going to get disconnected from them. It's like a good restaurant sharing their secret recipe. I believe it was the right choice," he added.

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The album, has eight songs, including their big hit Dynamite. Other songs include Life goes on, which has a "simple message but profound truth" about life, Fly to my room, which is about how the idea of travelling will change in the future and Blue & Grey, a pop ballad song about sadness and depression. There's also Telepathy, about BTS not being able to meet their fans due to Covid. Dis-ease is about hope, especially at a time when people are dealing with some kind of a mental health issue, Stay is a fun and emotional song, and Skit is the vivid record of the conversations they had when they first topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Finally, there is Dynamite.

The band members were greatly involved in the process of making the album. Jimin took on the role of the project manager for the album, Jungkook directed the music video for the lead single, Life goes on, and V was given the responsibility of visual director. "I like taking videos in general. So I was tasked with creating the music video. We talked about our personal styles ans what we wanted to show. I tried to reflect that in it. We wanted to show our emotional side. I want to keep learning," said Jungkook.

Watch Life Goes On here: