‘Royal Soap Oprah,’ says Amul as it gives a topical twist to Meghan Markle’s and Prince Harry’s interview


Meghan Markle’s and Prince Harry’s interview with celebrity show host Oprah Winfrey shocked and surprised the entire world. Now, the interview has got an Amul creative makeover. The prominent dairy brand dedicated an Amul topical featuring the three and shared it on their social media.

Sharing it on social media, the account captioned the topical, “#Amul Topical: High profile interview of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle!” The topical showed Prince Harry holding a piece of toast while Meghan can be seen buttering it. The caption on the advertisement read, “Royal Soap Oprah! Harry for it!” giving a twist to the first names of both Oprah and Harry.

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Meghan and Harry appeared for a CBS interview with Oprah on Sunday, in which they spoke about racism faced by the Duchess due to her mixed-race and how the ‘dark skin’ of her son Archie was debated during her pregnancy that resulted in him not getting security or a royal title. Meghan also alleged that she harbored suicidal thoughts and when asked for help was rebuffed by the Firm.

The explosive TV interview left the world divided with British TV host and Simi Garewal calling Meghan a liar. Simi received a lot of backlash for her tweet and Morgan had to resign from his ‘Good Morning Britain’ show after receiving criticism for his comments. Other Hollywood celebs like Serena Williams, Maria Shriver, Billie Jean King and others stood by Meghan and applauded her stance of speaking out the truth against the British media and royal family.

(Source: Instagram)